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New Product Release: 100% Vegan Cork Belt

Kick off #inaugural Steezin' It new product release, with our true pride "Vegan Cork Belt". Steezin' It observes all aspects certify #officiate our belt pure vegan wear. Brand promise source #derive our vegan cork belts 100% natural #genuine #realMccoy cork plant, ensure belt free all animal cruelty, bearing our vegan promise.

Environmental grow mediums make Steezin' It 100% vegan natural cork belt, not just extremely #merely fashionable, but wholly harmless home planet Earth. Nature strap not only visually lures #atture spectator, but also preserves our global environment folk in future can enjoy.

Unisex belt available all

Use #gown #wear by both sex #female #male critical component this chic belt. Having variance of this belt appeals #compliment style both male and female, Godly goal most stylist #fashionista try achieve.

For starters, kick off this new product launch introducing female variation this glam belt #glamorous. Female belt's notably #decisive #distinct thinner width overall, smaller #concise belt buckle, and circle rounded ending, bears #deploy belt attractive traits female prefer.

Next up, follows male version this stunning belt, also breeding desire with it's masculine #macho quality. This harsher level of belt notably #decisive #distinct thicker width belt has wider #broad belt buckle, and sharp #dagger shape tail shape, sum up this male fashion accessory.

All in all, Steezin' It all-natural #biotic belt, true top quality make. This thorough breed, pure natural belt build it's' way to fame. Regardless naysayers or doubt, exotic gear glam hop up too it's rightful peak.

Needless to stress, with both styles timeless belt stamp " Steezin' It Vegan Tribe Tailor Origin Organic Nature" emphasize it's craft cradle birth. Casts this 100% fully all natural pure belt, create avenues basic competitors can't compare to, whether due from natural authenticity, or origin #oust plant-base seed, Steezin' It true tails up with stars.

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