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Chakras in Chic

" Works wearily without rest, makes your brain the body's strongest muscle, nurse to this finite asset accordingly." -Michael Carrier

To begin, let's quickly sum "seven crucial "chakras" to pave the way of fully calm mind #tranquil in daily life #existence #mortal #serene. We'll first specifically define sacred "chakra" , chakras define as "energy center", there are 7 chakras within your physical body #flesh, working persistently to provide balance inner energy's in both aspects, body's, mind and spirit. Each chakra has own symbol, color and meaning, but in unison, when all perfected #hone, fruits excellence.

What is a chakra ? A "chakra" plays your body's “wheel” relating to energy points from crown of head down spine, to lower abdomen. Constantly in motion, these disks of energy stay “open” (continuous) and align, countless nerves, major organs, and areas of body. These constant running mills effect our cognitive, emotional, and physical health's to peak when properly tend.

#1 Root Chakra

First #initial chakra we'll go over known as the "root chakra", which gowns it's color red chakra. Official #certify Sanskrit name of this chakra "Muladhara", translates English as "root and support". This chakra located on your body's bottom of tailbone, reflects our needs of survival in life like: breathing, eating, sleeping, and experiencing physical, financial, and emotional security. Root chakra's role connects all our physical, bodily energy with the Earth itself, common practice known "grounding", to produce optimal health effects. Fashion success's prime play makes grow from gains in confidence, consumers experience in their #echt glam (whether chief garment or mere fashion accessory Proof this chakra align, occurs when feelings #emit of peace, ensures every core need met daily in confidence. #essential

#2 Sacral Chakra

Next chakra we'll go over, known as "sacral shakra", which dons orange as this chakra's color #hue. Formally known "Svadhisthana" ,translates ftrom Sanskrit as "the place of the self", this chakra located in your pelvic region (few inches bellow belly button) , focuses #emphasis of our creative #innovative identity as humans and how we choose use it #passion. Sacral chakra all about our creative, cutting edge ideas and how we decide to use #expel it, crucial in creating manual arts, digital arts, or any off-wall works of art for that matter (even fashions hold their presence here) #popular. Example of this chakra found enjoying finer things life has to offer, recreation, sex, or thrills; all serve at center #base to this chakra. Proof this chakra align shows in our careless, confident #courage nature to produce quaint works art or fashions of any kinds, regardless outsider opinion.

#3 Solar Plexus Chakra

Leading us to next chakra known as ""solar plexus chakra", which is symbolize #mascot by the yellow hue #shade #tint. Formally known in Sanskrit as "Manipura", this chakra defines as "lustrous gem" and where both self confidence and one's personal power flow in sync with another #simultaneous. Located in the stomach region (sits about 2-3 inches above the belly button), this discipline of self restraint gifts high self-esteem and self-worth, dodging confronts whether physical or verbal. Proof this chakra align found in experiences where first, fast #abrupt thoughts to cross mind "fight or flight" #evade put rest #subdue by our wits to choose ultimately wiser option instead.

#4 Heart Chakra

Turns to our next chakra, "Anahata" in Sanskrit which translates #equal to the "heart chakra", symboled with it's green color. This chakra sits #exist in body's chest near the heart region and more precise define #specific as "state of being 'unhurt'". Examples this chakra found in undergo feelings of love, kindness, or compassion take place, expressing your emotions outwardly. Prime examples this chakra can be found in intimate relations with another being, relations with others in pleasant #amiable situations, or understanding other's trains of thought in argumentative #chaotic times. Proof this chakra perfectly found in anytime #virtually feelings express outwards from our body's in any situation.

#5 Throat Chakra

Breaking into our next chakra, "Vishuddha", which translates to "throat chakra", represent by it's sky blue color. This chakra connects "one's ability to communicate verbally", and is found within the throat sector of body. Correlating directly to voice and throat problems as well as any problems with everything surrounding that area, such as the teeth, gums, and mouth, telltale #indicate this chakra blocked from one's poison #sinister thoughts. Blocks #deter #hinder or misaligns result from us controlling conversations, gossips, speaking without thinking, or unable to speak your true mind. Proof this chakra align shows in speaking and listening with compassion #empathy and feel confident when you speak because know we're telling honest truth #veracity with our words.

#6 Third Eye Chakra

Leads to next chakra known in Sanskrit as "Ajna", equates to the "third-eye chakra", represent by it's indigo color. is located on the body between eyebrows extending to your brain. Translates to "beyond wisdom", enlightens our expand states of consciousness, far over human's well known five traditional senses, thinking outside the box. Exact examples this chakra found in our angle's of perception, intuition, and psychic abilities of out worldly, or viewing something from your third eye, (hence it's, name) result from this third eye chakra's alignment. Proof this chakra align found in our ability create #compose ideas or thoughts to more than simply apparent, or what merely meets eye. #innovation #criticalthink.

#7 Crown Chakra

High above other chakras, this final chakra represent by violet white color, known as the "crown chakra". Official known as "Sahasrara" in Sanskrit, translates "a thousand petals" for its endless beauty #appeal. This chakra exists beyond one's unique ego and is one's own connection to higher power; whatever we believe that to be ( God, Buddha, Scientology etc.). This chakra exist in all living organisms #world #international, twine those who get enlighten during #amid pursuit of Nirvana. Fashion falls into play here due from intent hopes awe spectators, due from our differ #cliche fashion #realm from most. Proof this chakra's alignment expel by simply feeling yourself and intuition, and daring do whatever please, simply because your fully intrigued #infatuate by your own creative, charisma #aura #lure.

In conclusion, these various chakras ultimately soothe one's mind and spirit in countless #myriad ways, eventually serenity cement as practical sixth sense #tranquil #serene #peaceful. Such chakras as follows are: root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra , throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra. All these chakras union together, clarify our train thought, and most importantly #proudly , savor mind for most important decision #promises #responsibility #responsibilities #work #zeal.

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