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Juice Worth Squeeze

Notable glory never occur over night, ongoing, persistence puts these tales to their true success. Prize goals grab folks attention daily, hardships passed by ability persevere or talent. Expectancy of stardom over night, or hopes instant gratification fruits from labors notorious to disappoint.

Wields of persistent discipline, are those bound to strike desired target. Depart from the obvious margin, dare differ from norm, make frame of mind mirrors "juice worth the squeeze". Ongoing hours in lab make long, "pointless" hours to skill hone avid passions.

Countless logics (appearance , dexterity, fame , fashion, riches, security, strength) all pursue royal quality, weren't they? Gloat worthy goals most praise, often look past, until real sages shoot for stars. Similar fame Olympic medals mirror, effort and time put forth ultimately equals end result.

" Patience and the mulberry leaf become a silk gown." - Chinese Proverb

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