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Morality: The Five Precepts

“We have two lives, the second begins when we realize we only have one.” - Confucius

Time strive on regardless life's objectives, yet, having strong #hearty #sturdy life logics, #existence #mortality lead us each individual meanings of "success". "Morality: The Five Precepts" pursues "success" (whatever "success" defines to you on personal level) to lengths, holding elements applicable any lifestyle, regardless special need. Now, let's briefly review over #sum #summarize each five morality percepts teachings to thrive #enlighten us.

  • 1. Abstain from killing

  • 2. Abstain from stealing

  • 3. Abstain from sexual misconduct

  • 4. Abstain from wrong speech

  • 5. Abstain from the use of intoxicating substances that cloud mind

At first glance #sight, each precept seems simple and have people say "I already follow these anyway", but long practice reveal rigorous #complex #harsh tasks, requiring discipline acts #diligence, taste tree's sweetest flavor fruits.

Abstain from Killing

First, precept we'll start with, known as Abstain from killing. This broad, but critical precept doesn't seem hard to follow and obvious most frames mind. Humans don't naturally plan to hurt or kill others #demise #exterminate, not only should legal consequence scare #fright #void us from taking part in killing #rid other organism #truth, but this precept protect beings all walks of life. Organisms including all living creatures, whether they're apparent or not. Some examples living creatures this umbrellas #contain are: plants, pets, insects, fellow humans, animals, or anything on Earth living #mortal. First example we will go over reflects quick decision kill mosquito or not, upon it biting us. Although mosquito well deserves die, such sixth sense reaction smush them, violates promise #vow this precept protects all forms life with. With living mindful and able deny #refrain natural reaction kill living organism, this high patience and calm reaction takes constant practice. Avoiding anything slightly relative suicide, also prime objection this precept. Although seeming pretty straight forward (simple precept logic), this precept abstains killing in all three forms: active (physically to others or yourself whether meant #intent or not, ex: smashing mosquito strictly out of natural reaction), speaking convincing others carry out act hate or avenge opponents #adversary#rival, or even holding these cruel thoughts of malice in your mind kill or hurt another #demise #exterminate #fatality, all rebel against this platinum precept . While sustaining life's short change circumstances, this precept Abstain from Killing value all forms life global #international .

Abstain from Stealing

Second precept we'll go over known as "Abstain from Stealing". This precept goes far beyond just lifting #steal #thieving something self physically, also forbid #ban setting up #devise #scheme scam others carry out and thieve item whether physical item #tangible , or not. Wasting one's time or wits, also prime examples precept forbids "steal from others". Although may seem unimportant #finicky #trifling #tedious , concepts wits ,time, and money, have equal value material items. Sapping #leech either IQ or time, from other's consider "stealing" non-tangible item, as so should everyone be careful whom they spend their time with #amid #amidst. Just important as not physically take others property, or plot others up to theft #heist #robbery, permit others comfortable space and time as needed, chief concepts keep mind of. Monetary value important, but personal comfort and freedom mind's thought of equal value. This precept Abstain from Stealing homes hospitable traits #noble #integrity to respect others personal space to unlock our top #utmost potential.

Abstain from Sexual Misconduct

Next, precept emphasize #clarify on , "Abstain from Sexual Misconduct". This precept #virtue rather obvious #evident, yet often forgot often in modern day globe. Precept #virtue rather obvious #evident to void from due it's base around loyalty, denies even slightest sense of adultery, or having too much sensual pleasure of any kind forbid. Even thought, or mere looks at people in a lusty way oppose #rebel precepts #universal value way. Hopes of sexual acts or even imagines #visual in mind, oppose this top tier trait logic. Clearly #evident precept sums up "just don't be such wild #lusty #promiscious creature of planet", have self worth and loyalty gives honest desire benefits. Remain loyal #integrity prime pillar this precept Abstain from Sexual Misconduct shouts, harness honest meanings lasting relationships offer.

Abstain from false speech

Following up, precept we now go over refer to as "Abstain from false speech". This precept widely accepted throughout present #modern day society, all environments whether personal or professional setting, abide by this. Precept rebels #revolt “little white lies", leaving only honest truth space in this precept's equation. “False speech” leads others do as sly #deceitful people wish through words or acts asked of others, solely for their own personal gain. This false speech” misinformation cause someone or something occur which wouldn't otherwise happen, hence, it's based off false facts making useless arguments #conflict #disagree #quarrel happen. Fitting honest narrative perfectly, “Abstain from False Speech” precept, prime #invaluable excellent fount for those focusing on factual #valid, by the books lifestyle.

Abstain from intoxicants or substances cloud mind

Finally, last precept we'll leave off with known notorious "Abstain from intoxicants to cloud mind". This rather clear #apparent , but drugs and alcohol (not including prescription medication) out #rid our body's bloom excellent result for all. Precept surrounds most traditional logic, "detox body" , but more importantly clean #cleanse nonsense thoughts within mind, allowing us truly undergo "Zen Nirvana" wholly. Once opposing thought and influences clear from mind, ability enjoy "Zen in every moment" revived #unlock #unveil. Although alcohol , common substance seen to cause #inhibit conversation, with commitment stay dry #abstain, social situations play out far more norm #original #serene than most first fear. Benefits gain #reap from sobriety #noble promise #vow, leads practitioner precept “Abstain from Intoxicants or Substances Cloud Mind” for benefits atop physical or monetary blessings, but providesoverall #lush #prolific health and generous crops #surplus ahead.

In closing, following #combination these precepts generally leads highly favor and full existence. Opposite #contrary of what originally seen, deeper depth #essential personality traits involved each precept to groom our best life. Similar to this top tier existence, matches lead grade goods Steezin' It supplies. Needless mention, bounce over if looking outdoor wears, hail from honest native origin Note, these "precepts" not "commandments", can be enact #impose by anyone regardless beliefs or religion due holy higher power absence in these precepts. These precepts serve rather loose principles enlightenment, individual any religion or belief necessary (or anything seen as higher power/religious belief) to practice, and mainly those whom have internal wish trail teachings precepts to ultimately better #enhance their life.

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