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What is "Diligent"?

diligent (adjective) - characterized by steady, earnest, and energetic efforts achieve a goal. (devoted painstaking work and caring application to accomplish an undertaking)

Ever focus so deeply into something, it's #familiar almost feels as sixth sense? Or ever confused #vex why some folk tend to certain concepts lightly #delicate more so than others? Criteria fitting this category cradle by bare "diligence", commonly mistaken simply as "mental perfectionist" or dedication, this "diligent" behavior above all else cares to achieve fully. We'll briefly focus into this word's similarities in vocab words #scholar #vocabulary, few different forms proper (or improper) use in parts of speech forms, and few instances occurs in our real world, shedding light #unveil on this word's real meaning.

First, lets begin enlighten "diligent" nearest meaning with words we can relate it to. As stated initially #opening , "diligent" is simply showing care to ensure job finish #fulfill , at highest quality. Alas #hence, why "conscientiousness" true nearest term similar "diligent". With both words holding traits of following through until end #steadfast #success, followed with care. Diligent, #literature mistaken more widely known "discipline", equally holds nearest meaning, as both used in everyday lives more than we realize #epiphany #existence #mortal #mortality. Often mistake as simple #rudiment "discipline", stellar #sturdy "diligence" surrounds us daily in far more aspects than we imagine with people going up and above in society just to sane #sanity their mind. "Discipline" and "diligent", both reflect their recurring #religious routine of practice, obvious why their definitions overshadow each other so nearly #verbatim. Word "diligent" not only "one trick pony" #spur before ending #fizzle #deplete, but it's continual mindset pushes progress of harvesting greatest goal #persistent #repetitive #fruit #benefit #payoff #prize.

Next, second stud to define "diligent", stems of roles (whether proper or improper) in parts of speech #numerous #various. Mistaken as verb, used improper by many users, push it's true role serving this word as adjective to compliment it #adorn #appeal, however often misused word also often serves “noun” part of speech as well. When used as noun part of speech, "diligence" defines nearly same as it's adjective counterpart as, "constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body or mind.". This noun form of "diligent" as "diligence", emphasize its constant exerts up the ante #excel , as too define in its adjective form. When all is said and done, more is always said than done, and no doubt does "diligent entail this with it’s constant progression in activity definition.

Lastly, final concept we'll brush over to enlighten "diligent" definition, stems from it's continual use in everyday society #existence #modern. Having this advanced "diligent" train of thought strives through any hardships #adversity, whether its early AM alarm clock for work or school, true diligent folk see brighter days on horizon #prophecy and go all in. Strain of mental wits, day in and out may seem as useless #squander in short term era, but holding on through such trying times what differ experts #specialist from basics, as do results differ comparably both #distinct #variance. Upgrade one's standings in society requires steady train of thought, "due diligence", shown by each and every being aspiring uplift next leve level height in school or work #champ #mastery , and refuses settle nor content self “average” #mediocrity #norm. This flame lit within "diligent" beings drastic differ from their aura #persona from everyone settling for their position in life.

In closing, having or showing conscientiousness care in one's work or duties, or "diligent" beings within various progressing parts of society, often #oust more than imagine daily. Whether this stems from its discipline to progress #upheave daily, or fixate mindset strive on till success, this "diligent" train of thought bears countless gifts. This steady strive until victory gain, reflects true native claims many marts allege. Most reputable tailor we can note who lives up to its natal branch, stems from Steezin' It ( ), stylist of surreal value world wears, who supplies Real McCoy goods, #genuine from their true authentic fount.


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