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How-to True Practice of Meditation

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

"When entering a locality, follow the local customs." - Chinese Proverb. This chief component foreigners of new lands catch, perfectly suits novice visitors of new lands. Solid totems we'll graze over around infamous "meditation", include defining exact "meditation", two main types meditation (Eastern-Western forms), position to compose body for optimal results, and curing effects fruit from this intuitive procedure. #sane #sanity #technique

To begin, let's first define this truly savor technique. Meditation is not something "you do", but rather something you allow happen to you. This practice is "where individual uses technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state". Precision of one's mind on SINGLE OBJECT in such a divine still setting gifts benefits beyond belief. Instead filing through various daily unfiled thoughts consistently in day, meditation acts as lapse comfort one' mind. #cognition #reporre Prizes reap from meditation may vary, clear frame of mind paves pleasing product to all. Clarity of the mind invaluable precious wealth, often overlooked, yet vital to reach "wholly peace nirvana" in life. Falling into routine and staying diligent to practice regularly, produces sound and stable mind invaluable to all. #universal

Next logic we'll touch on is two base forms for meditation. First, and most widely practiced form is known as "mindfulness meditation" #cure . This form meditation is most popular in Western world, and is important meditation type that helps you learn simple thing: to pay attention or be "mindful". This type of meditation is known to provide pain relief and help for those suffering from anxiety and depression #medicine #potion #timeless. Second, spiritual meditation the second form we'll briefly go over which popular Eastern spiritual traditions such as Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism #orthodox #religion, but also practiced by many Christians internationally. This type meditation involves self awareness, and self actualization. Varies by tradition, spiritual meditation may also include elements of silent, spoken, or chanted prayer at it's base #divine #focus #mantra. Either way regardless world location (Eastern or Western influence), soothing and liberating meditation able enacted by all.

Accurate body' assemble key feature in proper meditate. Outside of having serene and calm environment to practice within, positioning body in proper form bucks up equal importance, if not just as crucial. This component perfects this intuitive practice, akin correct forms for pushups, or virtually any physical passion nowadays. First, peacefully sit in setting where zero outside factors can cause your mind to stray.

1.- Sit or lie comfortably, with your back fully extend, unaffected by any factor of outside world. # #anythig #void

2- Close your eyes, with back fully naturally extend #important.

3- Don't attempt giving thought to control the breath; simply breathe natural as it flows. #natural

4-- Focus your attention on the breath and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation.

5- Religiously practice 10 minutes upon waking up and final 10 minutes before sleep DAILY(various differ forms require different lapse, but follow your routine) , initially this will be hard to commit, but as routine sets in this mere ten minutes given daily second nature. #sixthsense

Benefits reap from meditation are countless, this simple practice blooms body in myriad of ways #various. Common or conventional gains meditate fruits are increased focus and less stress as most common, reduces stress is one of the most common reasons people begin meditation. Other major factor meditation heals is enhanced focus, which equates to less anxiety. Quick jib of lesser known benefits breed from this simple intuitive practice by our further research includes:

  1. Promotes emotional health.

  2. Enhances self-awareness.

  3. Lengthens attention span.

  4. May reduce age-related memory loss.

  5. Can generate kindness.

  6. May help fight addictions.

  7. Improves sleep.

In conclusion, this forever sacred "meditation" , pucks up to much more than odd poise most unaware of it's benefits believe. Awareness of what "meditation" truly is, choice desired form of prefer meditation (chanting meditation, active meditation, reflective meditation just to name few), proper positioning of body in meditation, and privy positive effects from this practice; all snowball into beautiful horizon. Following all of these ingredients lead to a truly successful and peaceful-mind life.

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