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"Ten to Zen" by Owen O'kane - Book Review

" Ten to Zen"

Author: Owen O'kane

True peace and contentment are found in the here and now. This I know to be true." -Owen O'kane

Wise words #charisma Owen O'Kane gives in his prize self-help, "Ten to Zen", by the man himself Owen O'kane. This invaluable step-by-step sequence, creates clarity for readers hoping get #attain pure calm #Zen mind, when properly practice. Without religion at base "Ten to Zen" routine #instruction, it shallowly reflects Buddhism and mindful community. "Ten to Zen" approach not strictly religious #orthodox , alas #ergo, wearing robes, strict discipline breathing, usage bells and chants unnecessary #irrelevant this mindful tradition. "Ten to Zen" sequence simply rather down-to-earth approach, bearing life changing peace #serene techniques, able be enact by all. Book's central logic and steps, pay homage #acknowledge Buddhism tireless work ethic and make respects out "mindfulness" global community, but gain true peaceful #tranquil mind main emphasis. Regardless one's busy #overpack schedule, physical shape, location on planet #globe, past fail regrets #agony , or anxiety of future #destiny; remain present in moment necessary #pivotal to taste #reap true fruit of labor paperback teaches. Through valueless wit #sage given in "Ten to Zen", we'll briefly touch over each different step this ten minute mental #intellect exercise, giving #focus #prescious emphasis need "stay present in moment".

Step 1: Stopping (minute 1)

To begin, let's first focus entry exercise step of this whole routine #shebang, known as "stopping". For starters, this first minute of our "Ten to Zen" sequence starts by checking in with self, "how are you personally feeling?" (are you in correct headspace kickoff this ten minute routine?). Ever so evident #obvious, yet golden step many overlook #undermine, making whole mental exercise flawed #error #taint if done broadly #imprecise #loose #vague. Having sturdy train thought commit ten minutes DAILY to go #banish into steady #unbias, constant, and casual #cliche #mundane area breeds harmony #pacify to this therapy practice. Time taken ensure familiar #routine environment so critical create #enhance Zen in our life, similar necessity athletes warming up prior Olympic events for peak performance.

Step 2: Checking-In (minute 1)

Second matter of affair #concept in entire "Ten to Zen" logic, bases from it's second phase "checking-in". This second step (also sitting in first minute of our exercise), focus on self, checking "how are you feeling today in this exact moment?" and "what feelings dealing with CURRENTLY?" (emphasis each different emotion run through mind). "Checking-in" necessary #essential to quiet the mind and eliminate #rid external distraction #nonsense. Lean towards self checking in, opens doors for new perspectives for brain. Simply acknowledge thoughts to let each one come and go as they arrive, but simply observing them (not paying unnecessary mind or overthinking, but simply observe and just be #spectate). "Treating thoughts like naughty child who's less likely to act out when knows they're being watched, is exactly how mind works. When we watch our mind, it moves out of auto-pilot mode to stem more "stillness" sense." - Owen O'kane.

Step 3: Arriving in your calm space (minutes 2 & 3)

Next, third priceless #invaluable #lux step to touch on, surround "arriving your calm head space". This third step (fulfills both second and third minute practice), finds Zen like calm space in our mind (three step process). Third step "Ten to Zen" process, reaches this mindful state #euphoria, through "tapping" and "installing our own calm head space". Upon installing our calm head space, this compose imagining truest still #serene representation what "peace" naturally look like, often beach, mountains, or country setting (heaven setting). This process practice by imagining your calm space, sitting with eyes closed in stillness of this space, and relating each sense of your five main senses to this calm place. Each of what's physical feeling, sounds, smells, and sensations we currently experience relate to our calm head space. "Tapping" composes of closing eyes, go to your calm space, saying in mind your word or name, and physically tapping alternating sides shoulder (or thighs if seated) for twenty taps to keep body present in "present moment".

Step 4: Breathe Consciously and Shutting down in this space (minutes 4 & 5)

After arriving in our calm headspace, this following step "breathing consciously", focus to shut down wandering minds (unnecessary thoughts) in two steps as follows:

⦁ (1)relax

⦁ (2) shut down in this mental space of calmness

Ultimate calming tool we all have access to (breath), has natural purpose and gives our brain something naturally focus in on, instead navigating aimless #rove #stray. Focusing on breath temporarily slows train thought, relaxes body #ease, and trails #segue ending aim for "purely still mind" #nirvana. This step separates into exact #decisive scheduled sequence :

⦁ 1) This first minute (fourth minute Ten to Zen routine) connects our breath to present moment, and simply emphasis focus each "in AND out" breaths for next four to five breaths ( 4-5 breaths typical minute lapse).

⦁ 2) This second minute (fifth minute Ten to Zen routine) use breath connect our entire body and simply just let it be #sane with outside world. Taking note every single body interaction with exterior world, simply accepting all global interactions with our physical body's "as is".

Step 5: Managing Thought Process/Finding New Ways Thinking (minutes 6 & 7)

Following prior step of managing breaths and stillness of mind, this step "finding new perspectives of thinking" (minutes 6 & 7) necessary to widen our views. In managing mind's thought process, this step focus taming mind with "CBT" (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). This CBT is therapy that uncover #unveil how we feel about ourselves, due from everyday beliefs or experience we have ourselves , with others, and overall #broad entire world situations we use to shape self thoughts. CBT can be broken down into 3 separate layers for easier comprehension.

⦁ Top layer - Our thoughts, random images, stories, and imaginings that go through our head at all time

⦁ Middle Layer- Our belief rules to living which are personal & unique, differ person to person. (Example: "I must be good person, I should not say "no" to disappoint others"(example used in book))

⦁ Bottom Layer- Our core beliefs, which we often feel in gut that cries out helplessness or worthlessness, questioning whether we are good enough.

Take all these previous three layers into account when separating #divy therapy time simply observing in this step.

⦁ Sixth minute dedicated simply acknowledging every thought that pass (both toxic and worthy thoughts), keeping important ones while letting toxic thoughts pass through and fade away.

⦁ Seventh minute sits with general thoughts & allows them to go by as if watching movie #flick or clouds in the sky. Not engaging with thoughts as they come, but simply observing to let them go by (as in the sixth minute of just observing), we now actually more mindful in this seventh minute to rid our minds useless thoughts, only keep #retain useful ones.

Step 6: Being Present in Moment (minutes 8 and 9)

. Nearing closure "Ten to Zen", basis #paradigm this step realize current surroundings #presence in eigth and ninth minutes. " The past is gone, future is not here yet, ultimately all we have is the here and now." - Owen O'kane . Remaining present in moment makes one alive, rather than "just existing". Staying present result lots #sleuth health benefit during experiences like: decrease anxiety, overall clearer thought processes #clarity , work/school productivity productivity greatly increase #spur, and each experience fully live in moment; jut few of its reward. This step "stayng present in moment" revive us remembering our presence in current moment, true wealth of life. Both minutes in this step zone in on importance pushing presence in "the now", and remaining present so life doesn't #bypass . Taking into account our body's reaction to outside world matter #stimuli, paying mind each sound #audio as they arise instead being preoccupy caught up in thoughts, and minding our current emotions to notice and stay current with our emotions without #squander wasteful over analysis useless emotion. O'kane go into much further detail of off-limit thinking and helpful #beneficial thoughts to have amid this step in book "Ten to Zen". "A minute of mindfulness can change one's whole outlook or direction in life completely." -Owen O'kane

Step 7: Living with Acceptance, Compassion, and Authenticity (minute 10)

Final closing step this whole routine #enlightenment, lie in living with acceptance, compassion, and authenticity. "Gently coming back to the real world #reality ready to conquer whatever day bring" sums up these three personality traits in final step "Ten to Zen". This step compose of three mental cloaks worn, giving our peak truest #authenticity self.

⦁ The first mental cloak we wear is "acceptance". Rather than crying over spilt milk, or dreading #harp over current situations, we rather fall into train of thought to accept things "as is" with ability move on as best "accepting" self. Not to be confused with contentment nor accepting defeat, but in this mental cloak; we value progress gains much more important than hindsight #retrospect. Accepting yourself, others, and any situation; our peak aim. This mental cloak's #crucial contentment, fully mascot serene existence mental cloak's gives #equip.

⦁ Second mental cloak of this final step we'll wear known as "compassion". Contrary most folk going around finding reasons to disagree #quarrel or argue for no reason, simply have exact opposite approach this #bitter norm, and begin to watch surrounding world transform. Dish compassion to everyone, and every logic or medium around, to begin gain highest fruits of one's labor. When others and situations begin to see your vibe #aura #charisma compassion for self, others, and external events #situatiion, positive feelings from others naturally orbit to us.

⦁ Last mental cloak #don in this final step, reflect being our truest self known as "authenticity". Living authentically bears #oust our most honest, inner self, that lures attention ourselves (being authentic "radiates indescribable something that no product, lifestyle, title, or kudos can match." -Owen O'kane). Putting on this authentic mask makes us so personable due being honest-most version self. No longer folks talk softly, fronting like they're wiser #superior others, nor putting on any front they wish be viewed as #persona; when being authentic, we simply just ourselves. Ease of mind, natural flow actions, and speaking truthful mind cast realest, #unbias version ourself stem from "authenticity".

Upon completion #achievement wearing these three mental cloaks, completion final step our "Ten to Zen" therapy finally arrive.

"In closing, "Ten to Zen" create clear #clarity train of thought, leading mindful life #existence #mortality. Simply pin these invaluable seven steps together, begin familiarizing yourself with this sane #sanity reviving routine to practice self:

⦁ Step 1: Stopping (minute 1)

⦁ Step 2: Checking-In (minute 1)

⦁ Step 3: Arriving in your calm space (minutes 2 & 3)

⦁ Step 4: Breathe Consciously and Shutting down in this space (minutes 4 & 5)

⦁ Step 5: Managing Thought Process/Finding New Ways Thinking (minutes 6 & 7)

⦁ Step 6: Being Present in Moment (minutes 8 and 9)

⦁ Step 7: Living with Acceptance, Compassion, and Authenticity (minute 10)

Even if information overload seem unmanageable #vex, this paperback goes into precise further detail #distinct #tedious ensure "Ten to Zen" practice properly undergo. With repeat use, this most down-to-earth approach fit any person hoping for still mind. "Ten to Zen" book uncovers #unveil pure new angle this meditative approach, for all experience. This worldwide worthy read to anyone, energize international attention to this sequence, winning author "Ten to Zen" , Owen O'kane #alias head guru wholly Zen mindset.

" No greater priority, than taking care one's mind." - Owen O'kane

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