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Staple Trio to Zen

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

“This is the real secret of life -- to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”-Alan Watts

All amid modern world becoming further and further complex this couldn't more directly be the truth. Fact of matter, no one truly savors nor value moment to stay in present. Maintaining "staying current and true presence each moment" key logic of Zen, alas, importance to truly experience life. Limit daily decisions, long lapses "all natural" cardio, and daily dedication time to "unplug" ,three determining practices to revive worldly wealth of "Zen".

1) Limit daily decisions

Limit number of daily decisions one's mind makes. Needless waste #squander wits for matters unimportant, tends result regret and sorrow for actor. Keep mind present in current moment harvests great fruit of intuition, as infamous tales tell. Jeff Bezos (owner and CEO Amazon as richest fellow global) , emphasizes " limit number daily decisions made to only three", helps reach his rank in society world's richest person. Numbers nothing, material wealth useless in big scheme of things, true tale ritzy quality lie #linger in process reaching real nirvana #Zen.

2. Long Lapse Natural Cardio

"Never judge a book by it's cover." an age old heroic quote, serves more than just books. Above physical body crafting, true physical cardio achieves great goals intuitively also. Proven by Dr. Zhu from the University of Minnesota, where "exercise tests given group participants to determine their fitness levels. Those who were the most active in 1985 tended to still be on the fit side of the spectrum decades later. That same “fit” cohort also performed better on cognitive tests decades later.". More simply, just by various individuals upkeeping fitness level, brain's cognition also streamlines this steady rhythm. Calm mind creates in this active meditative state, second to none, deeming Zen mind invaluable wealth. #prize #rich #ritzy

3. Unplug Time Solo (free from technological influence)

Daily dedication of "unplug" our overrun world of technology, define folks who reap greatest rewards due from gains to Zen. Greater percent of people continually become even farther antisocial daily, due from rise of social media outlets. Global media study Unplugged, led by the International Center for Media & the Public Agenda, lists some eye-opening facts about how technology addiction affects brain. Deficits grown out technology's rise, raise stunning stats growing farther daily. Challenges focus on present moment in age instant gratification, stray people from good old personal communication #converse #daily , which essential in ability to fully excel today's modern society. "Social media keeps distracting us, and research shows that average American is checking their phone more than 46 times a day!" (International Center for Media & the Public Agenda). With myriad hurt factors, these true tales technology says real grim future, focus on technology holds #prophecy #prophet.

In conclusion, modern progressions technology unveil quite double edged sword. All humans instant connected and provide #oust content amid each other in seconds #instant , to sacrifice real world communication skills? Often, keeping up with the Jones's not all cracked up as, taking into account communication skills lack #grim future #vision. Three chief components we've stream over to revive our pure prize "Zen" follows:

  1. limit number daily decision makes

  2. "all natural" cardiovascular cure's more than just physical body, but mind's intuition

  3. Dedicating suffice time "unplug" from technologic mediums daily

These tried and true components, tails this royal quality's quaint, critical for more than just plain vogue #pure #sincere , but essential ingredient peace of mnd #cognitive #clarity.

"The practice of Zen is forgetting the self in the act uniting with something." - Koun Yamada

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